Appendant - Prince Hall Family

The Most Excellent Prince Hall Grand Chapter Holy Royal Arch Mason (PHA)

History of the HRAM NJ

The Most Excellent Grand Chapter Holy Royal Arch Masons of the State of Pennsylvania, Prince Hall Affiliated and the Jurisdiction, thereunto belonging, in ample convocation assembled on the tenth day of October, 1854.

Know ye that we the officers and members of the said Most Excellent Grand Chapter, Holy Royal Arch Masons by these presets do authorize and Empower our said well-beloved Companions James Harper, Most Excellent Grand High Priest, Emery P. Riley, Excellent Deputy Grand High Priest, James Green, Excellent Grand King, Luke Derrickson, Excellent Grand Scribe, of a Most Excellent Grand Chapter to be know as Most Excellent Prince Hall Grand Chapter, Holy Royal Arch Masons, Jurisdiction of New Jersey, to be located in or near the city of Trenton, New Jersey or within ten miles of the same. And further, we do authorize and Empower our said well-beloved Companions James Harper, Emery P. Riley, James Green and Luke Derrickson, together with the members of the said Most Excellent Prince Hall Grand Chapter of the Jurisdiction of New Jersey to confer the Degrees of Mark Master, Past Master, Most Excellent Master and the Holy Royal Arch on all such candidates as are duly qualified according to the Ancient usages and customs and not otherwise. And further we do authorize and Empower our said well beloved companions and their successors to bear and determine all and singular matters relating to the Order within the Jurisdiction of the said Most Excellent Prince Hall Grand Chapter. And lastly, we do authorize and empower our said well-beloved companions James Harper, Emery F. Riley, James Green, and Luke Derrickson to install their successors after they have been duly elected and chosen and to invest them with all the honors and dignities to their respective offices belong and deliver to them this Warrant Charter.

Such successors from time to time during the continuation of this Most Excellent Grand Chapter. Such installations to be at the Annual Convocation of the Most Excellent Prince Hall Grand Chapter.

Provided always that the laws rules and regulations of said Most Excellent Grand Chapter of Holy Royal Arch Masons are duly obeyed. Otherwise, this charter will be of no force or effect.

Given in open Grand Chapter and signed by our officers this day and date above mentioned at Philadelphia, PA

Re-issued this 19th day of October, 1992 Samuel Nightingale, Most Excellent Grand High Priest John A. Turner, Deputy Grand High Priest John W. Ruff, Grand King. Raymond A. Maynor, Jr, Grand Scribe Edward West, Grand Secretary. Clifton W. Logan, Grand Treasurer George N. Spaulding George Thomas, Jr. Eugene Ivory John White Booker T. Nicholas William L. Payne

Most Excellent Past Grand High Priests

October, 1854 thru October, 2012
James Harper *
Emery P. Riley *
James Green *
Luke Derrickson *
James State *
T. Bowman *
P.T. Colden *
Charles N. Robinson *
William F. Powell *
F.M. T. Webster *
A. M. Newton *
James Derrickson *
Alfred Holmes *
John Payne *
William Douglas *
Silas G. Hipkins *
Thomas H. Murray *
Nathan T. Williams *
A.W. Brown *
William H. Jones *
James C. Connet *
Charles D. Lipcomb *
William A. Wright *
Thomas H. Williams *
Arthur S. Venable *
John J. Ridgeley *
John H. Tanner *
Alonzo W. Baker *
E. H. Hudson *
Maurice C. Mussen *
Robert Stevens *
George T. Wilmore *
John W. Bower *
Edward C. Heath *
George A. Barrow *
George Wyatt *
Isiah Blanche *
Chiswell D. Harvey *
H. Spencer Bell *
Benjamin H. Taylor *
James G. Sherman *
Frank A. Lewis *
Charles Sowell *
Robert W. Gwaltney *
David D. Nicholas *
John H. Perry *
Percy L. Schofield *
Harry A. Curmidy *
David F. L. Jones *
Ulysses E. Neblett (Honorary) *
Aldradge B. Cooper *
Walter A. Dutton *
J.P. Scott *
William A Neblett, Jr. *
Jonas A. Saunders *
Foster L. Day *
William H. Hill *
David Harrison (Honorary)
Samuel P. Nightingale
John A. Turner
Marion G. Simmons
Casey M. Walker, Sr.
M. Rufus Mozee, Jr. *
Dr. Ivory M. Buck, Jr. (Honorary)
Charles W. Lynch (Honorary)
Benjamin Haywood (Honorary)
Herbert M. Douglas (Honorary)
James E. Salmon, Sr. (Honorary)
Arthur R. Crawford (Honorary)
Frederick O. Dobson (Honorary)
Kermit E. Bruner, Jr. (Honorary)
Ramon E. Nelson (Honorary)
Bishop Wayne L. Johnson (Honorary)
John M. Bettis (Honorary)
Dr. John L. Jenkins *
Nathaniel Mayes *
Homer O. Justice
Thomas P. Caldwell (Honorary)
Harry McDowell (Honorary)
Thomas R. Hughes, Sr.
John Wesley Ruff
James P. Boone (Honorary)
Thomas Jones *
Peter B. Walker, Jr. (Honorary)
Walter Young, Sr. (Honorary)
Spencer Howard (Honorary)
Nathan Jones (Honorary)
Robert W. Thwaites, Jr.
Gene Ruff (Honorary)
Lemuel Dunnigan, Jr.
James Mack Jr.

*Denotes Deceased

M.E. Cleon Hargrove
Grand High Priest

R.E. Harold FosterDeputy Grand High Priest
R.E. Luther BuchananGrand King
R.E. Leonard Long SrGrand Scribe

Local Chapters

1st Royal Arch District

Eureka Chapter No. 3
Meets 4th Tuesday
Hiram Abiff Masonic Temple
6829 Washington Ave
Pleasantville, NJ 08232

Jeptha Chapter No. 14
Meets 2nd Wednesday
Hiram Masonic Temple
143 Warwick Road
Lawnside, NJ 08045

Shermalite Chapter No. 16
Meets 3rd Monday
Shekinah Masonic Temple
208 Progress Street
Riverside, NJ 08057

R.E. Willie Mines (16)
District Deputy Grand High Priest

R.E. Kevin D. Thomas (3)
Assistant District Deputy Grand High Priest

R.E. King I. Shabazz (14)
District Grand Lecturer

2nd Royal Arch District

Zerubbabel Chapter No. 5
Meets 3rd Monday
Stone Square Masonic Temple
722 St. Mary's Avenue
Plainfield, NJ 07060

King David Chapter No. 6
Meets 3rd Tuesday
King David Masonic Temple
81 Bellevue Avenue
Trenton, NJ 08618

King Solomon Chapter No. 8
Meets 4th Thursday
Mt. Pisgah Masonic Temple
930 Cookman Avenue
Asbury Park, NJ 07712

Edward J. Reese, Jr. Chapter No. 17
Meets 1st Monday
Progressive Masonic Temple
186 Hale Street
New Brunswick, NJ 08901

R.E. George O. Johnson, Sr. (6)
District Deputy Grand High Priest

R.E. Linwood S. Johnson II
Assistant District Deputy Grand High Priest

M.E. Gene Ruff (6)
District Grand Lecturer

3rd Royal Arch District

Rising Sun Chapter No. 7
Meets 4th Friday
MWPHGL-Grand East
188 Irvine Turner Blvd.
Newark, NJ 07108

Pilgrim Chapter No. 10
Meets 3rd Wednesday
Masonic Temple
173 Glenridge Avenue
Montclair, NJ 07042

Elite Chapter No. 9
Meets 4th Tuesday
Masonic Temple
78 Summit Avenue
Jersey City, NJ 07304

R.E. Kenneth L. Wright
District Deputy Grand High Priest

R.E. Ricardo McNeil
District Grand Lecturer

Upcoming Events

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