Mount Calvary Grand Commandery Knights Templar (PHA)


Sir Knight Cecil Allen, Jr.
Most Eminent Grand Commander
S.K. Kevin D. Thomas, KYCH (13) Very Eminent Deputy Grand Commander
S.K. Gregory Johnson (7) Right Eminent Grand Generalissimo
S.K. KIng I. Shabazz (12) Right Eminent Grand Captain General
S.K. Anthony L. Pollitt, Sr. PMEGC (12) Right Eminent Grand Treasurer
S.K. Vernon C. Robinson, Jr PMEGC (12) Right Eminent Grand Recorder
S.K. Magnus M. Billups (10) Right Eminent Asst Grand Recorder
S.K. Howard B. White (10) Right Eminent Asst Grand Recorder
S.K. William R. Copeland (13) Most Royal Grand Chief Engineer
S.K.Carey H. Brown (7) Right Eminent Grand Prelate
S.K. Benjamin G. Billups III (10) Right Eminent Grand Senior Warden
S.K. Jonathan L. Lumpkin (12) Right Eminent Grand Junior Warden
S.K. Jeffrey M Perry (10) Right Eminent Grand Standard Bearer
S.K. Greg Eley (7) Right Eminent Grand Sword Bearer
S.K. Edward I. Harris (10) Right Eminent Grand Warder
S.K. Jeffrey Reid (12) Right Eminent Grand Inner Guard
S.K. John Taliaferro, KYCH, PMEGC (7) Right Eminent Grand Sentinel
S.K. Karl A. Krudup (10) Right Eminent Grand Organist
S. K. John M. Bettis PMEGC Grand By Laws Chairmen
S.K. Christopher Payne, PMEGC (7) Right Eminent Grand Lecturer Custodian of the Works
S.K. Leonard Long, Sr., KYCH, PMEGC (12) Right Eminent Grand C.C.F.C.
S.K. William J. Ewing, ESQ (7) Right Eminent Grand Legal Advisor
S.K. Kevin D. Harris, ESQ (7) Right Eminent Grand Assistant Grand Legal Advisor
S.K. Dr. James Clark (7) Right Eminent Grand Historian
S. K. William M. Moore (10) Right Eminent Grand Lecturer at Large
S.K. Bernard Garvin (7) Right Eminent Grand Deputy (North)
S.K. Cleon Hargrove (7) Right Eminent Grand Lecturer (North)
S.K. George O. Johnson, KYCH, PMEGC (10) Right Eminent Grand Deputy (South)
S.K. King I. Shabazz (12) Right Eminent Grand Lecturer (South)


Mount Calvary Grand Commandery
Knights Templar
State of New Jersey
Organized March 19, 1884

knightTradition we are told is the accumulated and inherited wisdom of those who have gone before. Masonic tradition states that in 1818 the Grand Master of England, the Duke of Sussex, deputized a West Indian Negro, Passey Benjamine, to establish Commanderies of Knights Templar in the West Indies and the United States. Passey Benjamine came to the United States and made a member of the First African Lodge of Pennsylvania at Philadelphia. In 1820 he found Knights Templar residing there, having been created Knights abroad, and he organized St. George Commandery. In 1844, the First African Grand Encampment was organized.

The Prince Hall Masons organized Mt. Calvary Grand Commandery of Knights Templar at Plainfield, New Jersey on March 19, 1884.

When we escort the Grand master of Prince Hall Masons, in full regalia as Guard of Honor, at such public appearances that he may request, the world at large may visually know that the Masonic religious concept is truly all inclusive.

The Knights Templar Rite consists of three degrees: Order of the Red Cross, Knights Templar, Knights of Malta. These are also called the Chivalric Degrees.

In the States of Massachusetts, New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Maryland, Ohio, and Washington, DC, we jointly have a Pilgrimage Association to assist in promoting programs of mutual interest and support each other to enhance our public image. We are greatly assisted in our endeavors by Celestial

Grand Court, Order of Cyrenes of the Adopted Rites.

Our full dress regalia was approved and adopted by the Grand Encampment of the U.S.A. in 1862. It does not resemble in a general character, the uniform of Ancient Knights. It was created for the American Rite and expresses, all inclusively, Christian Knighthood. It is worn only in America, and differs in other countries.

The United States Flag is part of Templar masonry. We have vowed to be loyal to the American Flag and true to the government it represents.




S.K . Benjamin G. Billups, Jr KYCH (10), Most Eminent Grand Commander at the 2013 Grand Session


Left to Right: SK Seymour C. Hundly PMEGC, SK Robert “Cozy ” Marritts, horse “Show Down” SK Benjamin G. Billups Jr. MEGC, Anthony Pollett PMEGC Mt. Calvary’s 2nd Division Calvary


Seated (Front Row): SK Benjamin G. Billups (REGCG), S.K. Alexander C. Dowd (VEDGC), S.K. Gerald G. Hamm, Jr. (PMEGC), SK Cecil Allen (REGG), M.E. Gene Ruff (GRec), M.E. Seymour Hundley (Deputy to the Grand Encampment)Standing (L to R): SK William R. Copeland, SK George O. Johnson, Sr. (Deputy for the South), SK Howard White, SK Kevin D. Thomas, (EC #3), SK Edward Harris (EC #10), RE Vernon C. Robinson (Lecturer for the South), SK Jeffrey C. Spann (EC #13), SK Casey M. Walker, SK Gregory Waller (PMEGC).


Mt. Calvary Grand Commandery Officers 2007-2009 Left to Right: SK Gregory Waller, SK Richard Allston (REGR), SK Gene Ruff (MEGC), SK N. Christopher Payne (PMEGC), ME Otis Appling (PMEGC), S.K. Gerald G. Hamm, Jr. (VEDGC),  SK Solomon C. Jones (REG Prior), SK Ralph Hogan (REGT), SK George Johnson


Mt. Calvary Grand Commandery Officers 2009-2011 Seated (L-R): SK Cecil Allen (REG), S.K. Gerald G. Hamm, Jr. (VEDGC), SK Gene Ruff (MEGC), SK Alexander Dowd (RECG), Standing (L-R): SK George Johnson (EC #10), SK Vernon Robinson (EC #12), SK Jeffery Spann (EC #13)


Mt. Calvary Grand Commandery Officers 2011-2013 Front Row (L-R): SK Alexander Dowd (VEDGC), PMWGM Thomas R. Hughes, Sr. (PMEGC),    S.K. Gerald G. Hamm, Jr. (PMEGC), ME Seymour Hundley (Deputy to the Grand Encampment), ME Gene Ruff (GR) Back Row (L-R): SK Gregory Waller (PMEGC), SK B.J. Fleming (PMEGC), SK Richard Allston (PMEGC), SK N. Christopher Payne (PMEGC)

Subordinate Commanderies

Ocean Spray Commandery No. 3
Ocean Spray Commandery No. 3
Meets 3rd Friday
Prince Hall Masonic Temple
323 North New York Avenue
Atlantic City, NJ 08401

St. Paul Commandery No. 7
St. Paul Commandery No. 7
Meets 2nd Saturday
Stone Square Masonic Temple
722 St. Mary’s Avenue
Plainfield, NJ 07062

Douglas Commandery No. 10
Douglas Commandery No. 10
Meets 1st Tuesday
King David Masonic Temple
81 Bellevue Avenue
Trenton, NJ 08618

Mt. Ararat Commandery No. 12
Mt. Ararat Commandery No. 12
Meets the 4th Friday
Hiram Masonic Temple
143 Warwick Road
Lawnside, NJ 08045

Palestine Commandery No. 13
Palestine Commandery No. 13
Meets 1st Saturday
Shiloh Masonic Temple
37 Bennett Road
Englewood, NJ 07631

Celebrating the last 48 years of Past Grand Commanders:

1963-1964 RE Arthur Douglas
1964-1966 RE William Neblett
1966-1968 RE Clarence Johnson
1968-1969 RE Ulysses D. Keener, Sr.
1969-1970 RE Walter Johns
1970-1972 RE Thomas Mayo
1972-1974 RE Roosevelt Gaines
1974-1976 RE Charles Wood
1976-1978 RE James Jones
1978-1980 RE Bernal V. Ford
1978-1980 RE Loren R. Purnell
1980-1981 RE Phillips Johnson
1982-1984 RE John C. Harley
1984-1986 RE James W. Allen, Sr.
1986-1988 RE Isaac Murphy
1988-1990 RE William R. Revels
1990-1992 RE Seymour C. Hundley
1992-1994 RE Harvey Welch
1994-1995 RE Willie J. Steward
1995-1997 RE Arthur L. Taylor
1997-1999 ME Joseph Jones, Sr.
1999-2000 ME Harry McDowell
2000-2002 ME Edward L. Lambert
2002-2004 ME Harrison Adams
2004-2005 ME Thomas R. Hughes, Sr.
2005-2007 ME Dr. James L. Jenkins
2007-2009 ME Otis Appling
2009-2011 ME Gene Ruff
2011-2013 ME Alexander Dowd