Arthur L. Taylor Grand Council Royal and Select Masters (PHA)



Most Illustrious Gerald G. Hamm, Jr., KYCH
Grand Thrice Illustrious Master

R.I. Anthony L. Pollitt, Sr., Grand Deputy Master

M.I. Linwood S. Johnson, II, KYCH, Grand PCW

M.I. Alan F. Hendrix, Grand Treasurer

M.I. Gregory Waller, Sr., Grand Recorder


Honoring our Tradition while Extending the Legacy


“The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom;
all who follow his precepts have good understanding.   To him belongs eternal praise.”

                                                                                                           Psalm 111:10

 Grand Council History

rsmOn May 17, 1964, the late David F. L. Jones was involved in setting up a U. D. Council called Adoniram. This Council was set up in Newark, New Jersey. It became known as Adoniram Council #4. There was also a failed attempt to establish a council in Asbury Park, New Jersey.

The Most Worshipful Arthur Crawford, Past Grand Master, was responsible for the Royal and Select Masters to be established in New Jersey. The New Jersey Grand Council is a “child” of the New York Grand Council. Alton J. Bennett, Past Thrice Illustrious Grand Master and Grand Historian of the New York Council and Arthur L. Taylor, Past Thrice Ill. Grand Master of New York (1986) played a major role in setting up a Grand Council in New Jersey.

Melchizedek “Just”, King of Salem “Peace” brought forth bread and wine, and he was the priest of the Most High God, and he blessed him, and said, blessed be Abram of the Most High God, possessor of heaven and earth, And blessed be the Most High God which hath delivered thine enemy into thy hand. And he givestithes of all. (Gen. 14, 18-20).

It was also established that every Fifth Saturday would be a Grand Cabinet Meeting. This momentous beginning set the stage for a series of dedicated and talented companions to lead the Order:
Arthur L. Taylor
James Fouse
Cliffon Logan
Leonard Long
Jasper Lofton
John Taliaferro
Harrison Adams
Chester A. Cherry
William R. Copeland
Gene Ruff
Lemuel Dunnigan, Jr.

These leaders continued the tradition of scholarship in freemasonry. The initiate on entering this Order is motivated to continue learning long after he earns his degrees.

Fraternally submitted,
Dr. James Clark, Historian

Past Grands

Years Served Name
1988-1990 Arthur L. Taylor (2)
1990-1992 James Fouse (3)
1992-1994 Clifton W. Logan (1)
1994-1996 Leonard Long, Sr. (2)
1996-1998 Jasper Lofton, Sr. (2)
1998-2000 John R. Taliaferro (4)
2000-2001 Harrison Adams (1)
2001-2003 Chester A. Cherry (5)
2003-2005 William R. Copeland (5)
2005-2007 Gene Ruff (3)
2007-2009 Lemuel Dunnigan, Jr. (1)
2009-2010 Leonard Long, Sr. (2)
2010-2012 Lucien Lindo (1)
2012-2014 Thomas R. Hughes (3)
2014-2016 Gregory Waller, Sr. (3)

Subordinate Councils

Haggai Council No.1
Haggai Council No. 1
Meets 4th Thursday
Integrity Masonic Temple
224 M.L.K. Way
Paterson, NJ 07501

Joshua Council No. 2
Joshua Council No. 2
Meets 3rd Wednesday
Hiram Masonic Temple
143 Warwick Road
Lawnside, NJ 08045

Zerubbabel Council No. 3
Zerubbabel Council No. 3
Meets 2nd Friday
Woodlin Masonic Temple
19 Park Avenue
Bordentown, NJ 08505

Joppa Council No. 4
Joppa Council No. 4
Meets 2nd Thursday
Stone Square Masonic Temple
722 St. Mary’s Avenue
Plainfield, NJ 07060

King Solomon Council No. 5
King Solomon Council No. 5
Meets 2nd Thursday
Hiram Abiff Masonic Temple
6829 Washington Ave
Pleasantville, NJ 08232

Malachi Council No. 6
Malachi Council No. 6
Meets 2nd Tuesday
Mount Pisgah Masonic Temple
930 Cookman Avenue
Asbury Park, NJ 07701