William H. “Pop” Moss Grand Council Order of Pythagorans

R.W. Tisan Rasool Dawud (29)
Deputy Grand Master (Advisor)
Bro. Howard White Chairman
R.W. Darren Burton Vice Chairman

Overview of Membership

Pathagoran_GMv4-300x225Membership is not limited to the sons or relatives of Freemasons, but to any boy of good character in the age range of 8-20 years of age. He must be recommended by a Master Mason or a fellow Pythagoran.

The Order of Pythagorans is not a Junior Masonic Order, however it is under the supervision of the Most Worshipful Prince Hall Grand Lodge.

The paramount aim of the Order of Pythagorans is to serve the Youth of our communities with a well organized and supervised program to promote educational, vocational, social activity, health, character, and all around development of boys throughout New Jersey, while building better sons of today and men of tomorrow.
Pathagoran-_GMv3-300x225The Ritual is the focal point of all of the Order’s programming. Through it, the candidate in his initiation into the order is presented valuable and impressive lessons. This investiture attempts to symbolize and teach Reverence for God, Love and Honor to his Parents, Righteous Thinking, Purity, Patriotism, Toleration, Courtesy, Friendship, and Constancy.

A Pythagorans goal is to become a better son, a better youth and citizen than ever before.

The Companions hold meetings in what are called “Chapters” mainly located in Masonic Temples. Each Chapter is hosted by one or more Lodges, who provide advisors from their own lodge membership. These Chapters throughout the state, are divided into Districts, each District has an annual meeting and all Chapters in the state meet for an annual Grand Session which lasts two days.

Many workshops, athletic activities and awards programs are held at the District Meetings and Grand Sessions. Also at the Grand Session the companions participate in the election of new Grand Council Officers, a Banquet, and Devotional Service.

History of the Order of Pythagorans

The Order of Pythagorans was founded and introduced to Prince Hall Masonry by Past Deputy Grand Master, Right Worshipful James A. Revaleon, in Boston, Massachusetts, 1936.

The purpose of the Organization was to provide a club for boys, emphasizing programs for their Education. Social, Vocational, Physical and Moral development.
opmembers2010-300x198The Order was named after Pythagoras (591 B.C. – 50c B.C.), a noted Greek Philosopher and Mathematician, who traveled extensively throughout Egypt, Chaldea and Asia. Pythagoras was a contemporary with many of the Hebrew Prophets and Leaders. Because of his fortitude and constancy, he was initiated into the mysteries of Hebrew and Egyptian learning’s. On his return to Samos, his home country, Pythagoras established a school, whereby he taught the mystical powers of Numbers, along with their relationship with Life and the Universe.

Though Pythagoras was proficient in many things, he regarded himself merely as a “Seeker after Knowledge”, and not it’s possessor; which may be interpreted as the Beginning of Wisdom.

Prince Hall Masonry, like the people during the time of Pythagoras, has accepted his philosophies as a way of teaching “… their children the Art of Good Citizenship”.

The programs of the order have been diversified to meet the needs and interest of it’s members. It’s aim is to develop better Son’s and Men

1st District (Camden)

iam1stdistrict-300x174Oriental Lodge No. 1 & “I AM” Chapter No. 14 (Order of Pythagorans) along with Brothers from the First Masonic District participate in the Annual Elks Parade in Camden, NJ on Sunday, October 5, 2008

I AM Chapter #14
meeting at Oriental Lodge #1
1473 S. 8th Street
Camden, N.J. 08104

Bro. James Pollard, Chairman

2nd District (Lawnside)

fcjchartermembers-300x182The Degree team along with Brothers from Hiram Lodge #5 and the newly initiated charter members of the Francis C. Johnson, Jr. Chapter in Lawnside, NJ on Saturday, November 27, 2010

Francis C. Johnson, Jr. Chapter
meeting at Hiram Lodge #5
143 Warwick Road
Lawnside, N.J. 08045

Bro. Lavar Edwards, Chairman
(856) 448-5891

3rd District (Pleasantville)

Hiram Abiff Chapter # 9
meeting at Hiram Abiff Lodge #16
6829 Washington Avenue
Pleasantville, NJ 08232

William Greene – Advisor
(609) 317-5618

4th District (Asbury Park)

Harry McDowell Chapter
meeting at Mt. Pisgah Lodge # 48
930 Cookman Ave.
Asbury Park, N.J. 07712

Bro. Robert Reevey – Chairman
(732) 685.8029

5th District (Central NJ Area)

Dr. Arthur T. Shacks Chapter
meeting at King David Lodge #15
81 Bellevue Avenue
Trenton, New Jersey 08618

PM Howard B. White – Chairman
(609) 947-2818

Progressive Chapter
meeting at Progressive Lodge # 17
180 Hale Street
New Brunswick, N.J. 08901

Bro. Mel Greene – Chairman
(732) 266.1307
James E. Harmon – Advisor
(908) 241-4243

Aldrage B. Cooper Chapter
meeting at Aldrage B. Cooper Sr. Lodge #69
11 Warren St.
Somerville, N.J. 08876

PM Wallace Gantt – Chairman
(732) 491-9065

6th District (Union/Morris County Area)

Richard “Boots” Ashby Chapter
meeting at Acacia Lodge #23
1210 Frank St.
Roselle, N.J.07203

RW George Earley – Chairman
(973) 725-1353
Harold F. Fisher, Jr. – Advisor
(908) 377-6677

Louis Glenn Chapter
meeting at Golden Rule # 24
234 Oswald Ave. PO Box 392
Vauxhall, N.J.07083

Bro. Scott Gorman – Chairman
(908) 531-3667

C. Clayton Yett Chapter
meeting at Tyrian Lodge #34
39 Maple Ave.
Morristown, N.J. 07960

PM Reginald Mintor – Chairman
(973) 296-1928
Terence Berry – Advisor
(973) 727-7450
Yusef Greene – Advisor
(908) 531-7599
Daryl Clarke – Advisor
(917) 755-0659

Stone Square Chapter
meeting at Stone Square Lodge #38
722 St. Mary’s Ave.
Plainfield, N.J. 07062

Bro. Clayton Tucker – Chairman
(908) 553-4669
Charles Salley – Advisor
(908) 392-0006

7th District (Hudson County NJ)

Friendship Chapter
meeting at Friendship Lodge #44
78 Summit Avenue
Jersey City, NJ 07304

Bro. Jermaine D. Sanders – Chairman
(201) 667-6374
Derrick Macken – Master Councilor

Omega Chapter
meeting at Omega Lodge #64
453 Avenues C
Bayonne, N.J. 07305

Harold Foster – Chairman
(201) 324-2818
James E. Davis – Advisor
(201) 324-1471

8th District (Newark)

Wallace Greene, Jr. Chapter
meeting at Tyre Lodge #29
180-190 Irvine Turner Blvd.
Newark, N.J. 07108

Darren E. Burton , Sr. – Chairman
(973) 202-6003
Master Councilor – Christian Smith

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